Group Slovak lessons

Courses start from February 5th.

Group Slovak courses are for everyone.

In this course you learn Slovak fast and fun while speaking Slovak with your friends and classmates.

Group Slovak courses teach you the most important topics for communication and living in Slovakia.

The conversation is always in Slovak. Our teachers use English and Spanish as support in the classes.

There is a lot of fun in the course through games and conversation with classmates.

The groups are small with a maximum of 5 students. Then, you have more time to learn and speak Slovak.

Slovak courses are twice a week

Each Slovak lesson is 60 minutes long.

Slovak classes are face-to-face or online

Group courses

169 €

Start: 5. February

Duration: 12 weeks (2x per week)

All levels

Max. 5 students

Full beginner(A0)

Tuesday and Thursday

(17:00 – 18:00)

Max. 5 študentov


Tuesday and Thursday

(18:00 – 19:00)

Max. 5 študentov


Tuesday and Thursday

(19:00 – 20:00)

Max. 5 študentov


Tuesday and Thursday

(18:00 – 19:00)

Max. 5 študentov


Experience our unique way of teaching. You will speak Slovak from the first lesson.


Call us

Skype: linguarte.linguarte
Phone: + 421 908 859 404

Text us


Instagram: @linguartesk


Michalská 18-20
811 01  Bratislava


Communicative Slovak courses

Teaching Slovak through communication is our specialty.

In the Slovak courses, you speak Slovak from the first class and you will feel motivated to speak the Slovak language always.

Slovak courses are made to learn grammar through conversation, not through repetitive exercises.

Small groups

Our Slovak classes have groups of maximum 5 people.

In each Slovak class, you will speak longer and learn Slovak faster and easier.

At the end of each course, you will see real progress in your level of Slovak.

Fun Slovak courses

Slovak language and culture are fun and interesting.

For this reason, Slovak courses have many fun games and activities.

Learning Slovak fast is easy when you laugh and have fun.


Our teachers have a lot of experience teaching Slovak and they share something very important, a great motivation and a desire to teach you to converse and give you a cultural experience with the language.


Start learning Slovak now with our lessons on Youtube .
Free Slovak lessons on Youtube are for all levels.
We upload new videos every week.


  • Bruno Moreno
    Bruno MorenoI did an intensive course of Slovak for 3 weeks and I got really nice results and a nice cultural experience. I really recommend it to anyone!
  • Kristina Cvečková
    Kristina CvečkováIt’s summer and I can speak Spanish on holiday! I started only a while ago taking lessons at Linguarte using its effective teaching method, but can already feel the progress. And the best about it is that it’s fun. At Linguarte you don’t waste time by exercise filling. I really recommend you study with Linguarte
  • Bruno Moreno
    Bruno MorenoI did an intensive course of Slovak for 3 weeks and I got really nice results and a nice cultural experience. I really recommend it to anyone!


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