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The Linguarte School was created seven years ago with a very basic idea:

Change the traditional way of teaching languages ​​and teach the language to use it in real life conversations.

And in real life, speaking a language is also a cultural experience.

With this philosophy in mind, we realized that we needed to create a method that teaches languages through conversation and cultural contact. This is because traditional books and methods put the focus on writing practices and grammar. For this, we created our own textbook and practices to maximize the cultural and educational experience of our students. In our method, the textbook and the teacher complement each other to create the best conditions for studying and for quick results.

The success of our method and the satisfaction of our students prompted us to open our classroom and continue working to change the way languages ​​are taught.


Linguarte seeks to teach you languages in the most simple and effective way. Teaching you to talk is our passion, not our work. We believe learning a language has to be a pleasant and fun experience.


We guarantee you that you will learn because we give you authentic experiences based on three pillars:

About us

Group Slovak lessons


Our book teaches you how to speak in the real contexts you need to communicate

Personalized attention

You are unique and you learn in a unique way, therefore the method must adapt to you, not on the opposite way.


Our staff has one objective: to create the best environment for you to speak as quickly as possible


Our teachers are highly qualified and share something very important: a big motivation and a strong desire to make you speak a lot and give you a cultural experience through the language.


  • Bruno Moreno
    Bruno MorenoI did an intensive course of Slovak for 3 weeks and I got really nice results and a nice cultural experience. I really recommend it to anyone!
  • Kristina Cvečková
    Kristina CvečkováIt’s summer and I can speak Spanish on holiday! I started only a while ago taking lessons at Linguarte using its effective teaching method, but can already feel the progress. And the best about it is that it’s fun. At Linguarte you don’t waste time by exercise filling. I really recommend you study with Linguarte
  • Bruno Moreno
    Bruno MorenoI did an intensive course of Slovak for 3 weeks and I got really nice results and a nice cultural experience. I really recommend it to anyone!



Grammar is a means to learning, not the goal.

Possibly all of us have had language courses that used a lot of grammar and endless written practice. However, this way of learning does not prepare us to have a conversation in Slovakia in a real situation.

We don’t like this and so we decided to fix it. So, we created the Linguarte method under two principles:

The first considers that communication is the priority and grammar is a tool. We need to talk and use grammar, not focus on written grammar practices.

The second considers that, when communicating, we focus on specific tasks that we want to accomplish. And for this, if we want to learn well, we have to be able to talk about everyday situations close to our lives and needs.

The union of both principles guarantees an improvement in learning and fluency to speak without forgetting the other skills necessary for the successful learning of a language (listening, writing and reading).

In addition, our method encourages active and cooperative participation of students in a highly motivated and trusting environment where your time and effort will be rewarded when speaking the language.



The book is a tool for conversation.

Linguarte’s textbooks are unique and were created to respond to the need to teach the language to communicate and use it in real contexts.

It is proven that to speak a language you do not need grammar exercises or a focus on writing. On the contrary, you need to communicate and repeat as much as possible.

For this, our textbook teaches you the words necessary to complete communication tasks. Each lesson is divided into small scenes in different places for you to practice in order to be able to repeat them in a real scenario.

Each lesson in the textbook gives you a group of the most important words in each context (for example, in the restaurant, on the trip) and progressively gives you more elaborate structures. This is complemented by the active class where the teacher supports the conversation of each student in these structures so that you can quickly learn them.

Grammar and structures are learned by practicing and playing without the need for endless exercises.

The complete Linguarte textbook is divided into three parts, each containing lessons on current topics and covering vocabulary that native speakers use in real life.

Group Slovak lessons


Learning a language is to speak and connect with other people and cultures.

Because of this, Linguarte has created activities where you can practice what you learn and you can also meet other people and experience new things.

  • Classes in different places
  • Spanish city tour
  • Language Exchange
  • Cooking and dance classes
  • Cultural curiosities
Here you can see videos of our activities and more cultural information: